Ward Sculptural Arts Owner John Ward fabricates a bronze sculpture of George Washington while artist [need name] looks on.


"Craft at Every Level"

Ward Sculptural Arts is a highly specialized custom bronze and metal casting foundry established in 1987and located its 6000 sq. ft. headquarters in Canton, Georgia.

Our philosophy of "Craft at Every Level" has allowed us to maximize efficiency and quality at each of the 20 steps in the lost wax casting process, enabling us to produce up to 10,000 lb. of museum quality bronze castings each year.

"Quality Begins at the Top"

A graduate the highly regarded College for Creative Studies in Detroit and holding a masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Illinois, owner and president of Ward Sculptural Arts John Ward, brings nearly forty years of bronze casting experience to his business.

A renowned fine art sculptor in his own right, John with his foundry and staff combine the rare blend of aesthetic sensibility and technological expertise needed to bring out the very best in their productions.